Joe’s Grill

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Joe’s Grill on 4th is this really laid back diner in Kitsilano. A few weeks ago, I stopped by to get some late breakfast.

For my breakfast, I ordered Waffles, it also came with eggs, fresh fruits, and choice of bacon, sausage or ham. It’s pretty awesome the waffles came with the eggs and other stuff, because I like my sweets and I like my savory for breakfast.

This was a big breakfast for its price. The part I was most excited for was the waffles. The waffles great, but I’m just spoiled with cafe zen’s waffles. They were a tad dry. The rest of the food on my plate were pretty solid.

My friend ordered Joe’s Omelet. It had mushrooms, tomatoes, cheese, and bell peppers. It was really good. I liked it better than my own breakfast. I loved the mushrooms, it was really flavorful and the eggs were moist.

This was a nice laid back place to get cheap and solid food. The omelet was really amazing. I’d love to go back and try other things.

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