Jackpot, Brisbane, Australia

We ordered take away because we needed to eat quickly before our flight to Cairns, and one of us was not feeling well. Jackpot is just a 5 minute walk down the hill near the Toowong Village. We ordered and within 5 minutes we had our food. They are quick!

We ordered Crispy Beef, Mongolian Beef with Rice Noodles, Honey Chicken, Jackpot Fried Rice, and Buddha Vegetables. My favourites were the Honey Chicken and Crispy Beef. It had a really  nice breading and kept a good texture even though it was sitting in sauce and in a plastic container for almost 10 minutes. The Honey Chicken was sweet, with a still fairly crisp coating, and very tender chicken inside. The Crispy Beef was tangy and crisp as well.

The Mongolian Beef with Rice Noodles, needed some extra spice, and the noodles got a bit overcooked. The rice was pretty standard with peas, egg, chicken, and some shrimp.

It’s pretty good for restaurant take out, and has prices similar to Vancouver, around $10 a dish, though the portions are a bit smaller. I’m sure the food would be better if we ate there, then it wouldn’t sit steaming in the plastic containers. They are right by a train station, so they were quite busy when we went there as people were just getting off work, and needed some quick food to go.

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Jackpot (Toowong)
45 Sherwood Rd
Brisbane, QLD

07 3870 0488


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