Isami Sushi

I went to Isami Sushi for lunch one day, and it was a bit tough to find. Although the address is officially 4603 Kingsway, it’s actually located on McKay Ave, at the very end of the building.

I ordered a Chicken Teriyaki, and a few pieces of Tamago Nigiri. The prices are bit expensive at $10 for Teriyaki Chicken at lunch time, but it was a pretty big portion. The chicken teriyaki came sizzling on a hotplate, and served with brocoli and beansprouts. The sauce was nice, but it didn’t cover the chicken as much. I prefer the chicken to be skin on, with a bit more fat. This chicken was quite dry, and a bit overcooked. The tamago nigiri was really good though, and they probably serve really good sushi here.

My brother ordered an Oyako Don, and a unagi nigiri, and masago. My brother’s dish was better than mine, because it had a lot more flavour with the eggs, onion, sauce,¬†and battered chicken. The chicken also wasn’t cooked very well though, and the piece that I had was a bit tough. He agreed, and didn’t really enjoy the main. The nigiri faired a lot better for him too.

The service was friendly, and I think the sushi is a lot better than their cooked food. Their prices are bit on the higher side for the area too.

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Isami Sushi
4603 Kingsway
Burnaby, BC

(604) 434-1212

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