Shortly after telling my coworker I wanted to go to San Francisco, she quickly told me about what she recently saw on an episode of the Best Thing I Ever Ate, meat episode There was this thing called the Leg of Beast at Incanto (see video below). The caveat though is that the guy who said it was the best thing he ever ate is partners with the restaurant’s chef on Chef vs City. The video made it look so delicious though.

I was lucky enough to have 9 friends with me to enjoy the meal. They recommend at least 6-10 people at $50/person for the Leg of Beast meal. You get a lot of food for $50 – Very American Sized portions. They started with a choice of 3 really nice breads and some olive tapenade. The first course was a nice spinach salad with almonds and Pecorino Romano cheese. This was really delicious, nice and light, with slivers of toasted almonds and salty romano, and a nice vinaigrette. Second course was a plate of meats from Boccalone, which is his meat shop at the Ferry Building, that was unfortunately closed when we went to visit. It had a really large selection of different meats. Pretty good, but hard to remember exactly what was what when you were eating it because there was lots of variety. It also came with different condiments and vegetables.

When the Leg of Beast came it was huge, and was served in a roasting pan still on the bone with lovely aromas coming from the herbs and braised meat. The meat easily fell clean off the bone, shredded, and mixed with the dark gravy that the beef was braised in. Most of the meat was tender, though not as flavourful as it looked. The gravy looked very thick and dark, but surprisingly wasn’t that rich or salty. Wish it had a bit more flavour. For some reason, a friend complained that the meat he scooped up was kind of dry. I didn’t find that though. Maybe he needed to add more gravy.

It also came with what Chris calls God’s Butter – which is a huge amount of Bone Marrow that you can freshly scrape off the long bones yourself. This was one of the parts I was looking most forward to. You would scrape off the marrow, and smear it on some pieces of toasted bread. My marrow was a bit bloody but still yummy. It probably should have been cooked a bit longer. The bread was grilled, but I found it over grilled, and pretty burnt. The bread was hard to bite through because it was quite hard at this point.

The meat was also served with the best green beans ever. The Green beans were topped with a ton of crispy fried shallots. The beans were crisp and vibrant. The white bean was more of an acquired taste for the people at our table. I liked it, the beans were quite mild and delicate in flavour and served with fried sage.

For dessert we had bay leaf panna cotta with strawberries and a triple chocolate tart. I opted for the panna cotta because I prefer creamy desserts over chocolate. The panna cotta was creamy and light with sweet strawberries, and could just barely taste bay leaf. The triple chocolate was super rich and just the right amount.

We had to book this at least a week in advance, as well as provide your credit card. It is a big meal and requires a lot of preparation. You can cancel at least 24 hours in advance I think, but may have been 72 hours.

They also have a delicious dessert wine called Carmenos from La Cappuccina.

Incanto is an Italian restaurant that’s really known for serving offal, or for many, the less desirable parts of the animal. Things such as the organs. He really tries to use all of the animal. Now that’s where I felt a bit bad, because we had a ton of food left over. We were stuffed though, as we aren’t very big people to start off with. We also couldn’t take it home, because we were staying at a hotel with no fridge. So, Chris if you read this, sorry!

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San Francisco, CA


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