Il Caminetto

Everytime we go to Whistler, we try to go to at least one fancy place. My friend’s who organized the trip only have a few left to visit. This time they chose Il Caminetto aka the place with the fire.Il Caminetto belongs to the Umberto line of Italian restaurants. This place is definitely classy, we might have dropped that down a bit lol…

The menu looked delicious, and they also had menu for the day, as well as specials.

I ordered the Goat Cheese with Butter Lettuce to start, and the Quail with Chantrelle Mushroom Risotto. The goat cheese wasn’t what I was expecting. It was fairly aged, so it had a blue cheese like flavour/after-taste. I’m not a big fan of that, so I wasn’t a big fan of this cheese. I was expecting a more sour cheese. It was served warm with butter lettuce with a mix of tomatoes. The tomatoes, balsamic, and butter lettuce helped cut the flavour. It was very strong if you ate the rind as well. Overall, I wasn’t a fan.


On the other hand, the risotto is for sure the best risotto I’ve had. I typically don’t like risotto because it’s too rich, and usually too much of the same that I get sick of it. This one was cooked perfectly, not super creamy, and not super rich. It was perfect. It was served with pieces of mushrooms, and a whole quail. The quail was roasted perfectly, and super moist, tender and flavourful. Sorry about the quality of the pictures, my iPhone 4 sucks.


My friends ordered a lot of different dishes – Mixed Green Salad, Foie Gras, NY Steak, Lamb Chops, Arctic Char, Sea Bass, and Fettuccine. Everyone enjoyed their meals, and were stuffed by the end. I’d definitely come back, though it is pretty pricey.




Il Caminetto
4242 Village Stroll
Whistler, BC

(604) 932-4442

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