Icy Bar, Vancouver

I had a craving for Chinese desserts, thanks to the people I follow on Instagram. The Icy Bar in Vancouver, border Burnaby is a busy little dessert shop that has a lot of tofu, tapioca, and shaved ice selections.

I got the a warm house special tofu dessert (can be ordered cold), which came with 5 toppings include: peanuts, red bean, mochi, taro tapioca, and sweet taro. This was really delicious. The tofu is nice and silky, and the toppings were just the right amount. Although this was ordered warm, the toppings were actually cold, only the tofu underneath were hot. I had to mix things around a little to make sure everything’s at the right temperature.


My friend ordered the rice wine mochi. This was also ordered warm, and a very comforting dessert in the Winter months. If you enjoy rice wine, you’ll enjoy this like my friend did.


I was really satisfied with my tofu dessert. There are still a ton of other desserts I’d like to try here, but that would require several trips.

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