Ichiro Japanese

What a find this Japanese restaurant was! I suggested to my friends that we go to Steveston, but didn’t really have a restaurant in mind. On the way there, a couple ideas were shot down because things were closed on Monday. Luckily, we found Ichiro.

We arrived a little before 6 o’clock, and there was hardly anyone there. Lots of empty tables. We had to sit at the Sushi Bar and watch the chef’s work. I guess everyone was smart and made a reservation because at around 6:30PM every table was packed!

The menu was quite extensive, with lots of rolls, and cooked dishes. I loved the variety. The prices were quite high though. I ordered a Tamago Nigiri, Sukiyaki Nabe, and a Corn Croquette. My friends ordered a bunch (well, one friend mostly). Between them they ordered Spicy Salmon Roll, Assorted Sashimi, Chicken Karaage, Ika Karaage, Ebi Mayo, Oyster Motoyaki, Grilled Beef Tongue, Spinach Gomae, and a Dragon Roll.

The tamago was good, but I prefer the sweeter one at Kiriri. The Corn Croquette was nice and creamy, while airy, with a light crispy breading. There were bits of corn in there mixed with the potato insides. It was good, but I think a bit too expensive. My Sukiyaki Nabe had the best broth I’ve ever tasted. It was so delicious. I let all my friends try it, and right after their first sip you could see their eyes light up! Seriously good. It was packed with tons of sliced beef, as well as tofu, mushrooms, cabbage, and other vegetables. I just wish there was more udon. It’s also $15, but it can be definitely be shared. It was really big for one person.

The salmon sashimi was awesome and so fresh. It almost just melted in your mouth. The spicy salmon roll was also amazing. Very different spicy sauce used here. The Ebi Mayo was also the best ever. The Beef Tongue was surprisingly good too. It had a firm texture but it was very flavourful. Oyster Motoyaki was really good too. It had a lot more eggy flavour and kind of custard like topping instead of mayo. Really good, with lots of oyster chunks spread throughout. The Dragon Roll was amazing. Sure it was $15 for a roll, but when you see it you’ll know why. The amount of unagi on top was crazy. It wasn’t thin either.. It was long thick pieces of unagi. Combined it would be close to a foot of unagi on top. And the prep and artistry was here as well. The only dish that wasn’t very good was the chicken karaage. I appreciate that it wasn’t a chicken wing, but large chunks of chicken, battered and fried. The chicken meat was juicy,but it sadly wasn’t crunchy. It could’ve also used a sauce to go with it.

Everything was great here besides the chicken karaage. Service was good. There were 3 sushi chefs working non stop in front of us, but we sadly couldn’t really see their hands at work because of the counter top. The place is really popular too. There’s quite a bit of free parking close by.

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Ichiro Japanese
12011 2nd Ave
Richmond, BC

(604) 277-1150


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