Hong Depot, Brisbane, Australia

Not really sure where to have dinner on this night, my friends remembered passing by a Korean restaurant called called Hong Depot in South Bank. It’s a Korean BBQ place with a  pretty cool interior.

First, I have to say, this place is a bit pricey (although I think they even lowered prices this year), with each order of meat about $20. And there isn’t that much meat. It gets cheaper if you end up ordering more though. We ordered the Galby (short rib), and a soy-marinated chicken. We also ordered Rice Balls, and the chef’s platter, which gave us 3 of their appetizers. We got the Jap Chae, Kim Chi Pancake, and a Kim Chi Tofu. Normally it would come with the seafood pancake, but since I’m allergic, they substituted it with the Kim Chi Pancake. All of the appetizers come in small, medium, and large sizes. We chose medium.

Their BBQ grill uses real charcoal which they heat up in the back, and place in the grill before the meat comes. They also have a really cool exhaust system that you can move closer to the grill. We didn’t smell like BBQ at all after this. Amazing!

I’ll admit, the meat was very good, but so expensive for the amount given. The chicken was delicious because of the marinade. It was tender, and a bit sweet. The (4-5 pieces of) galby were good too, and had extra small bones, so there was plenty of meat. They were cut pretty thin too, so it wasn’t hard too hard to chew or take off the bone.

The rice balls were surprisingly delicious, which they brought for us to mix and roll ourselves (with their help). It was very tasty with seaweed, sesame, seasonings and a bit of pork.

The jap chae was decent, and even came with some beef. The kim chi pancake was a bit thicker than I’m used to, and not too spicy. It also came with some nice crispy pot stickers. The kim chi tofu was very crisp and topped with kim chi.

Overall the food was pretty good, and the service was really kind and helpful. The exhaust system they have should be used at all Korean BBQs so we don’t smell like food when we leave. Love the idea.

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Hong Depot
193 Melbourne St
Brisbane, QLD

07 3846 1433

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