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Homegrown is an organic breakfast and sandwich spot in Capitol Hill, Seattle. We were here for a quick breakfast before heading out for a drive down to Portland.

There were a good selection of breakfast

and sandwich options, but only the Avocado, Egg & Cheese sandwich caught my eye. The sandwiches were made to order with creamy avocado, fresh egg, melting gouda and hot sauce. It was a really delicious sandwich with a serious kick. The hot sauce was smeared on both sides of the bread, it’s a good thing that I like spicy foods.

I make avocado and fried egg on toast for breakfast almost everyday at home, and I certainly learned a new trick from them. Add gouda and hot sauce!

Another sandwich I tried was the Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich (off the kids menu). This was one serious PB & J. The peanut butter was super creamy and thick, thick as in consistency as well as the layer of it they give you. It was as slightly smaller than a regular sandwich, but still too much for 1 person in my opinion. It was tasty, but just a bit too much in a serving.

Overall, very fresh food with fresh ingredients, a great place to checkout.

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1531 Melrose Ave E
Seattle, WA 98122

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