Hi Lunch Box, Abbotsford

A few weeks ago we went skydiving in Abbotsford. It was crazy fun, but it ended a lot earlier than we expected, and we decided to stay in Abbotsford for lunch. What’s there to eat in Abbotsford besides Ah-Beetz Pizza? A quick search on the iPhone lead us to Hi Lunch Box Japanese. Japanese food in Abbotsford? I know, we were a pretty skeptical at first, until we had their sushi.

I was pretty surprised by their menu, because they had quite a few creative and unusual sushi rolls. I ordered a Mango Roll and a Hi-Five Roll.

Before our sushi came, we were given edemame for free as appetizers. When the sushi rolls came, we were all surprised. The rolls looked really well made, and they looked delicious. My Mango Roll was self-explanatory, it had mangos and cucumbers. The Hi-Five roll was a California roll with 5 different sashimis on top with fresh avocado layered in between. The 5 sashimis were salmon, tuna, shrimp, octopus, and sockeye salmon. It was a massive roll, and a delicious one. They didn’t cheap out on the ingredients, and the amount of rice was just right. The sashimis were fresh, I liked it a lot.

Another highlight was my friend’s Spicy Dragon Roll. It was spicy tuna roll, topped with unagi, avocado, and more spicy tuna, and drizzled with spicy sauce. It was so massive! You cannot look at this roll and not say ‘wow’. Beware, this was a roll that was truly spicy. My friend enjoyed it a lot, even though it got really spicy for him.

Other rolls we got were the Crazy Boy, which was deep fried California roll with spicy sauce.  Dee also got a Bacon Roll, which he loved because the bacon was nice and crispy.

I seriously had pretty low expectations for this place, but when our sushi hit our table, I was proven so wrong. The food was really tasty, and the sushi was just really neat and well made. We all enjoyed our food. I loved the presentation. The quality was better than most casual Japanese restaurants in metro Vancouver. And just add on to their awesomeness, the prices were slightly under from the prices in the Japanese restaurants in Vancouver.

I chatted briefly with the owner and she said they moved the restaurant from Vancouver to Abbotsford a couple years ago. It’s awesome for Abbotsford residents, but I really wished they hadn’t move all the way out there. Who knew, great sushi in Abbotsford.

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Hi Lunch Box
31962 South Fraser Way
Abbotsford, BC V2T
(604) 854-1009

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  • http://www.camandcheese.com dee

    The Crazy Boy roll had an awesome spicy sauce which is similar to what’s found in the DQ Flamethrower. I love it.

    Also the Bacon Roll was good because it wasn’t greasy either.

    The prices were crazy cheap. My bacon roll was only $3.75 and the Crazy Boy was only $5.50. The portions were huge too. I’d definitely go back.

  • Michael

    thank you very much for you enjoyed my meal.
    I hope you will visit my restaurant again when you come to Abbotsford.