Henry’s Taiwan, Seattle

Over the weekend my Seattle friends brought me to Henry’s Taiwan, a place they now frequently visit in Seattle’s Chinatown.

From the menu there were at least 5 Taiwanese street food items that I really wanted to try, you can’t find them at a typical Taiwanese restaurant.


So for my brunch, I ordered the Taiwanese meatball, cold noodles, pork pottage soup, and off the menu but available upon asking, stinky tofu.


Among the dishes I ordered, I was most impressed with the stinky tofu. It was pretty legit. It has all the right flavours from the stinky tofu to the Taiwanese kimchi on the side. So delicious to me, but not to my friends. Props to them for trying though.


The Taiwanese cold noodles is also an item I’d come back for. Served chilled, the noodles were dressed in a peanut sauce, topped with some chilli oil and thinly sliced cucumbers. The noodles had a good chew, but they were not the kind that is used traditionally in this dish. They got the flavours right, so having the wrong noodles didn’t bother me.

The Taiwanese meatball is one of my favourite street foods along side stinky tofu. Not many restaurants here have it, so I was really looking forward to this. It turned out to be just OK. They got the outer tapioca like texture right, but the the meat filling was just a good attempt.

Other than these 4 dishes, I also tried other things my friends ordered including pan fried cutting noodles and corn soup, all were quite delicious.

This is a good place to ordered a bunch of items without putting a dent in your wallet. It has some hit and had some misses, it’d say out of 10 for authenticity, it’s probably a solid 7.

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