Harbor City Barbecue, Seattle

Want quick and delicious breakfast in Seattle? ┬áHarbor City is Will’s favourite dim sum restaurant in Seattle, usually super busy on weekends, we expected to wait for a while, but not Saturdays at 10AM!

We were seated right away, and food was on our table within seconds, with the help of these old school push carts.

photo 1-3

On our table were the usual shrimp dumplings and sui mai.

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I particularly enjoyed the shrimp dumplings here a lot. There was a good mix of real shrimp and shrimp paste, and the seasoning was really tasty, and quite superior.

photo 3-4

For the more adventurous eaters out there, the beef tripe was good too. They were my second favourite after the shrimp dumplings.

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These deep fried taro curry balls were really well made.

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I know we have really good dim sum here in Vancouver, but this place was better than some of the places I’ve been. This was a popular spot for many, lots of people waiting by the time we left at around 11AM. Come earlier for faster service, it’s totally worth it.

Harbor City Barbecue
707 S King St
Seattle, WA 98104

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