Harajuku Izakaya

I think Harajuku Izakaya is the one izakaya in Whistler, and we wanted to have some fun on our first night on our past snowboarding trip. We ordered Chicken Karaage, Wakamae Salad, Gyoza, Ebi Mayo, Yaki Udon, Potato Candy, Salmon Blueberry, Chicken Roll, Dragon Fried Roll, and Mango Roll.

For me the stand outs were the Chicken Roll, and surprisingly Potato Candy. The chicken roll had nice crisp fried chicken inside, and a really nice teriyaki sauce. The Potato Candy was surprising, because it was boiled potatoes, which were then topped with a sweet syrup which hardened and gave it a bit of a crisp texture. The Yaki Udon was disappointing because it was just way too saucy. It was swimming in sauce. The Rolls were pretty good, but my friends used the extra fried toppings from the Ebi Mayo to add extra crunch.

The worst dish was the Salmon Blueberry. There was hardly any salmon, and what was there were cut into very tiny pieces.

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Harajuku Izakaya
4000 Whistler Way
Whistler, BC

(604) 962-7222


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