Happy Valley Seafood Restaurant

And the snowboarding season for 2012/2013 finally begins! After our first day of riding at Cypress Mountain, our friend suggested we bring our very hungry selves to have dim sum at Happy Valley Seafood Restaurant.

We had quite a feast here, ordering 16 dim sum dishes for the 4 of us. No we didn’t do this on purpose, there were supposed to be 6 of us, then the 4 of us arrived and went ahead to order for 6. However, the rest of the 6 never made it because of a GPS (windows phone) fail.

Anyway, this place was a great find. There’s a large selection of dim sum dishes, and all of them are in very generous portions. Their Shrimp and Asparagus dumplings were one of the most ginormous dim sum dumplings I’ve ever seen. This was also one of my favorites here. The dumplings were really juicy with fresh shrimp and perfectly cooked asparagus.

Another favorite of ours was the Chinese donut rice rolls. The rolls were topped green onions and dried shrimp. The Chinese donuts were crispy on the outside and soft and doughy on the inside. This is my favorite dim sum dish, and they did a really good job with it.

To my surprise their Deep fried squid was also really yummy. The batter was really crispy and didn’t feel oily. Really nice squid and really nice jalepeno and chilis to top it off.

As for the dessert, go for the Custard buns. They had the good kinds with runny egg yolk custard, with a mix of sweet and salty.

I really wished my friends showed up that day, so that they could have delicious lunch too (and that we wouldn’t have to pack half of the table home). It was a great find by my friend, and I’d be visiting here more.

P.S. They charge for tea per person.

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Happy Valley Seafood Restaurant
3432 Lougheed Hwy
Vancouver, BC V5M2A4
(604) 255-2280

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