Hapa Izakaya, Kitsilano

Now I’ve finally been to each of the Hapa Izakaya locations in Vancouver. Although there isn’t a skytrain near by in Kitsilano, it’s still a pretty popular location. Walking in, it seemed like it was actually fairly popular with families. We saw 2-3 families (with kids) leaving while we were waiting for our table.

We ordered a few of our usuals, and there were a bunch of stuff on the daily Fresh Sheet which we wanted to try, but were sadly sold out, as we were having a fairly late dinner at 8:30PM. We ordered the Pork Gyoza, Chicken Karaage, Hapa Hot Wings, and Yaki Udon. The Karaage was crisp and juicy in the middle, and the squeezed lemon on top helps liven the flavour. I do like Guu’s mayo more than the soy-based sauce though. The Hapa hot wings weren’t very spicy. The Yaki Udon was pretty good too, but I think I still prefer it at Guu also.

My friends also ordered a couple of rolls (Dynamite Roll, Spicy Scallop Roll) and an ebi mayo. The rolls were looked and tasted good, but each of them had their favourites. There wasn’t a consensus best roll.

For dessert we ordered the Lava Cake, and the Mocha Chiffon Cake to share. My favourite was the Mocha Chiffon Cake because it came with salted caramel and whipping cream. The cake was also very light and airy.

The food was consistent and tasty, but nothing that was awesome. The service was polite, and helpful in helping us decide what to order and drink, and in giving alternatives to the items that were sold out. I like how they knew which dishes were sold out right away, rather than having to tell us after we order. Good communication between front of house and the kitchen. I just hope they had prepared more of the Fresh sheet items. Overall, I do prefer Guu (especially Otokomae and Guu Garden), as I usually have more fun there.

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Hapa Izakaya
1516 Yew St
Vancouver, BC

(604) 738-4272


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