Hanako, Authentic Sushi in Surrey

Hanako is a tiny Japanese restaurant in Surrey.  This restaurant’s authencity and quality is probably the best in Surrey, and better than most small sushi places in Metro Vancouver.

It’s been a while since I’ve been there, so a few nights ago I went in for dinner with my family. We ordered some of our favorites, and then some more. We had Ebi Sunomono, Spicy Tuna Roll, Hanako Roll, Dynamite Roll, Negitoro Cone, Nabeyaki Udon, Tonkatsu, and Asari Garlic Butter.

I’ll start with the sushi rolls, the sushi rolls were great. They were well made, not sloppy, and really tasty. The rolls we we had were very common among Japanese restaurants, but Hanako managed to get their own twist on them.

The tuna in the  Spicy Tuna Roll was mashed up really well, the texture was really smooth. It wasn’t overwhelmingly spicy, it was really good. The Hanako Roll was their house special roll, it had almost everything from tuna, avocado, salmon, tobiko, etc. The size isn’t too large for you to eat it in one bite, which was nice and easy to eat. The Dynamite Roll isn’t your typical crab meat with tempura prawns here. Instead of crab meat, they used tempura yams, avocado and lettuce. I really liked the flavor that the yams gave in that roll. I was very happy with all 3 rolls, I would order them again, they were all flavorful, I barely used any soy sauce or wasabi when I ate them.

The Asari Garlic Butter was on their specials menu. It was steamed clams with garlic and butter. It was pretty good, I could taste the garlic and the butter. I’m always afraid of eating clams at restaurants because I’d always get a couple with sands in them, but no sands here! This dish cooled down rather quickly, so I’d suggest you eat it right away when it comes.

The Tonkatsu is a must get here. It’s deep friend pork chop, and it came with a bowl of rice, miso soup, sherdded cabbage, cucumbers, mustard, and sweet dipping sauce. This Tonkatsu was so yummy with the dipping sauce and rice. The steamed rice here was also really good, how can steamed rice be good by itself? well, it just was. The shredded cabbage had a dressing on top, eat it between your pork pieces or with it and you’ll never get sick of the taste of the dish. The cucumber just hads a refreshing taste to the dish. One of the best Tonkatsu I’ve ever had.

The Nabeyaki Udon was also really nice, the broth was clean, it had clams, shitaki mushrooms, fish cake, and 2 tempura prawns. The Negitoro Cone was awsesome, it had so much finely chopped green onions in it, and the tuna was really nicely mashed up, so yummy.

The waitresses here were really nice, they always ask if they could take the dishes away even though the plates were empty. They were also constantly checking if we’re doing ok. The decor was small, cozy and simple.

Eating here could get a bit pricy. Most of their items were more expensive than other Japanese restaurants. You will not find giant sushis here, this was the place that focused on the quality.

Note: Closed on Tuesdays

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Hanako Japanese Restaurant
15135 101 Ave
Surrey, BC V3R
(604) 582-8833

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  • http://rant.computator.ca wheel

    oh man i love this place. yes it is pricey compared to ‘most’ but it’s where i’d go when i want something a little better than the run of the mill sushi. And i agree, this is my all time favourite spot for Tonkatsu in the GVRD so far, another good place you guys should check out is that place in Richmond on Steveston.. next to tim hortons near highway 99. Maruwa.. rolls are v. good there. feck i miss sushi back home :/

  • shoelessjay

    This is my to go place for lunch, the spicy tuna don is amazing, so much time and effort goes into making the dishes. They are open on Tuesdays now, closed on Mondays

  • J.

    It’s hard to find good sushi restaurants in Surrey, so I wish this one was a little less pricey; however it does still seem like something I would like to try out! It’s nice to know that they also appear to have a large variety of dishes, which I appreciate.