Hana Hou Cafe

Hana Hou Cafe is located in Haiku. It’s a Hawaiian restaurant with some French dishes mixed in as well, as I think the owner was French. This was our first actual meal out, and our first Hawaiian meal of our trip.

I ordered the Two Choice Hawaiian Plate with Kalua Pork and Cabbage, and the Chicken Long Rice. My friends ordered the Three Choice Hawaiian Plate with Chicken Long Rice, Squid Luau, and Lomi Salmon, and Ginger Taro Burger.

My Plate came with rice, mac salad, and pineapple and a coconut jello. The first thing I tried was the Chicken Long Rice, which was surprisingly a bit soupy, with fairly thick rice noodles. This dish tasted very similar to a Filipino dish called Pancit Sotanghon soup. It was very gingery, and the chicken was just boiled. The ginger was very overpowering. The Kalua Pork was better. The meat was tender, and was seasoned well, and the cabbage helped cut the saltiness. The Mac Salad was pretty good too. Creamy, and not mushy.

My friend chose Poi instead of rice, and I wasn’t a fan at all. It was cold, and I’m not fond of that texture, and lack of appealing flavour. The lomi salmon was a salty too. Beipas really enjoyed her taro burger. The texture was really nice and crisp on the outside, not like a typical veggie burger which usually gets a bit mushy.

Overall the food was hit and miss, but the experience was pretty good, especially during a break between beaches. The service was friendly. They also have some other French dishes like Ratatouille, and Croque Monsieur.

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Hana Hou Cafe
810 Haiku Rd
Haiku, HI

(808) 575-2661


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