Halal Guys 53rd and 6th

Halal Guys is a popular place in NYC during lunch time and after late drunken nights. Apparently it is amazing when you are drunk. I decided to check it during my web conferences lunch time break. It was about 15 minute walk, and on the way we saw one cart called Halal Guys, but it was on 53rd and 7th. My friend told me to make sure I go to 53rd and 6th because there are some copy cats. I decided to skip on this one, and keep walking another block, and saw another cart with a long line. They were not Halal Guys. Across the street Halal guys had another cart though in the same yellow polos. I should’ve saved myself some time and went to the other cart.

It was pretty popular, but not as popular as the one across the street. I ordered the chicken plate, and it was only $6. My friend ordered a lamb gyro for a little bit cheaper. They don’t have any rotating meat cooking at the location, but rather just a bunch of already cut meat keeping warm on a flat top. How does the meat get there and how fresh is it? They really pump out the food – constantly packing foil take out containers with lettuce and rice. You can grab some extra white sauce and hot sauce as well.

When I first opened the plate, I noticed how bright orangey-yellow the rice is. Looks really flavourful. It was also topped with the white sauce, and I asked it to be spicy. There was a good amount of chicken, and some lettuce on the side. My first bite was OK. The chicken was still moist, and very flavourful from the sauces. The rice however, was a bit dry for my liking. I like it a bit softer, and a bit saucier, or at least that is what I’m used to from the shawarma plates around Vancouver. It also wasn’t as flavourful to me as it looked from the colour. I asked for spicy, and I’m glad it was quite spicy, in that it made me sweat a little. Good amount of heat, and nice flavour. The lettuce added a fresh crisp. I actually thought their pita bread was quite good too. It wasn’t too hard, and it was quite light and foldable.

My friend was pleased with her Lamb Gyro, but she actually only picked out the meat. Either way she was happy with it.

I think I need to come back later at night, and not during lunch time as thats when it seems like they are at their best. This time wasn’t very memorable I guess I’ll give it a try on my next trip to NYC. Get drunk, then look for the yellow shirts!

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Halal Guys
53rd St and 6th Ave
New York, NY

(212) 586-7000


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