Hachibei is a Japanese owned Japanese restaurant in Vancouver. I brought my friends here for dinner because Justin Bieber was in town that day and downtown restaurants were packed (with little girls) everywhere.

What was different from this Japanese restaurant was that they had quite a few selection of  Teishoku (set) meals. Knowing not all sushi restaurants in Vancouver have teishoku on their menus, I decided to give the Simmered Mackerel Teishoku a try.

The mackerel was simmer in a soy sauce base soup that tasted a little sweet. I can tell this has been cooked or marinated for a while because the flavour really penetrated into the meat. The side dishes were agedashi tofu, a slice of tamago and 4 kinds of cold and pickled vegetables. I was most surprised about their miso soup because it had a lot of stuff in it! Besides from tofu, there were also enoki mushrooms, seaweed, and tofu puffs.

Other than the teishoku, I also tried salmon gyoza, sashimi, and a futomaki roll. All of the food here were quite good, except the ones that had pickled vegetables such as the futomaki roll, they got a tad too salty for me. But overall, it’s a decent little place to checkout for a different Japanese restaurant experience.

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(604) 879-3357
778 W 16th Ave
Vancouver, BC V5Z4L5

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