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Gyo-O is an unique Japanese restaurant located in Richmond. I say that because of the interior decoration and the specialty items on the menu. We decided to visit Gyo-O on a weekday after work. The restaurant seemed a bit empty around 6:30pm but it quickly filled up as the night went on. By the time we were leaving, the restaurant was jammed packed and there were people waiting at the door.

This was my third time visiting Gyo-O. I had been here on two different occasions in the past few years. So I knew I could expect good food as I have had good experiences before.

We were really hungry so we decided to try a whole bunch of dishes. We started with a hot Sake (small size). However, when the waitress arrived with our drink, it didn’t seem like a ‘small’ sized sake at all. It was the tall large bottle that you normally get at other restaurants. I forgot to check the bill at the end to see if it was indeed a small sake. But if that were the case, you really can get a good value for your money with the sake drink.

Next, our Assorted Oden arrived. It was pipping hot and the soup was a delicious. It came with the standard ingredients; a boiled egg, large daikon radish, konnyaku, and processed fish cake in a tube style. Oh, did I mention tofu as well? The dashi flavoured broth was really quite good. It wasn’t too salty either. You can definitely get an authentic taste of Japan with this dish.

We also ordered a plate of Salmon Sashimi. I like how this restaurant presented this dish. The slices were much thinner than sashimi found at other places. I thought the thinness actually enhanced the texture and flavour of the raw fish.

We also ordered a Mini Goma Miso Tuna-Don. I am not sure if the waitress got the ‘mini’ part correctly because we ended up getting the full-size deal. I was starting to worry about the amount of food at this point because we had two more regular size noodle bowls left. Oh well. At this point, I was going to treat the rest of the dinner as a feast. The goma miso tuna-don was nothing out of the ordinary. The fish was fresh and topped with miso-sauce. I probably would not order this dish next time because of so many other choices you could have here.

Our Mentaiko Bukkake Udon came next. We had asked for a cold dish and I was surprised at first to see steam coming out of the noodle bowl. It turned out that the Udon was just freshly made and not rinsed in cold water. Bukkake in Japanese literally means to pour liquid onto something, and is most often used to describe a style of noodle. This dish was served in a shallow bowl with toppings, a half-boiled egg, and cold noodle sauce on the side for us to do the pouring. It was delicious. I am a big fan of Mentaiko Udon in general, but this style was quite unique and tasty.

Our last item was the hot Ankake Bukkake Udon with Takoyaki toppings. The sauce came steamy hot and this dish also came with a half-boiled egg, some green onions, and some seaweed. It was the first time for me to see Takoyaki used as noodle toppings. I didn’t really like that part because the takoyaki toppings quickly became soggy. If I could re-order this dish, I would probably choose other toppings instead.

Gyo-O offers some of the most unique and authentic Japanese dishes on their menu. So if you are in the mood for something new, give Gyo-O a try. I would certain go back.

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#2137-3779 Sexsmith Road
Richmond, BC

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  • dee

    I want to try the fried chicken dishes!

  • beipas

    so yummy, it’s awesome that there is a udon specialty place!