Grand Dynasty for Chinese Bites

After missing 4 ChineseBites dinners, I finally made it to my first, and week five’s ChineseBites dinner at Grand Dynasty Seafood Restaurant. At this dinner, we tasted 7 of the restaurant’s signature dishes.

It started with the prawns that were made 2 ways, salted egg yolk and tomato sauce. The salted egg yolk prawns was what I preferred because it had a bit of richness from the egg yolk, and on the other hand, the tomato sauce was a bit ketchup like.

The next course was the lobster soup which was prepared at a table next to us. The lobster meat was raw, and was cooked with the boiling hot soup that was poured over it. While the lobster was fresh, I found the soup to be a bit like a diluted miso soup, nothing special.

We also sampled 2 soy sauce based dishes, Stuffed Roasted Chicken and Ling Cod Hot Pot. The chicken was stuffed with sea cucumbers, a combination I’ve never had before. The chicken was nice and tender, but all together with the sea cucumber inside, it was a bit salty for my taste. I believe the ling cod was deep fried then tossed together with soy sauce and other sauces. They were cut up in nice sized chunks, but my first bite was all bones; gotta be careful eating this dish.

The only non-seafood dishes that we sampled were sautéed wild mushroom with vegetables, and deep fried crispy chicken with sticky rice. Again, the mushrooms were a bit salty for me. And for the chicken dish, this was a dish I’ve never seen or heard of before. It was layers of sticky rice, roasted chicken, and crispy batter. It’s got good texture and good flavour.

We had another soup as our last dish. This was a seafood soup with crispy rice. Although the soup was quite mild, the crispy rice added some toasty flavours.

And finally, we ended the meal with coconut tarts, and black sesame and coconut jellos. Do I need to say these were my favorite of the night? Coconut desserts are the best.

I have to say, for this dinner, the food was a bit underwhelming, but it was still fun catching all the other food bloggers in action.

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Grand Dynasty Seafood Restaurant
4331 Dominion St
Burnaby, BC V5G3E3

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