Giordano’s Deep Dish Pizza, Chicago

First time visiting Chicago, I was super excited about trying those deep dish pizzas. Giordano’s Pizza is probably the most well known place for deep dish pies in Chicago. I thought Giordano’s was just 1 particular restaurant, but it turned out that it’s quite a franchise within downtown Chicago. I saw about 4 Giordano restaurants in downtown Chicago alone.

We arrived at the restaurant at around 7pm, and we were told to expect 30mins of waiting time. While we were waiting we had the chance to look at their menu, and the hostess said we can order our pizza first because it’ll take a while to make them.

At Giordano, they call their deep dish pizzas stuffed pizzas. Looking at the menu just got me excited about trying their food, and I got plenty of warning from my friend about the amount of food we will get from 1 single deep dish pizza. I, of course, did not listen, and got us a medium Special Stuffed pizza and a Combination Platter for appetizer.

The Combination Platter had zucchini sticks, mushrooms, and cheese sticks, everything deep fried. It came with ranch dressing and marinara sauce. It was a pretty heavy appetizer as everything was deep fried. I really liked the cheese sticks, because the cheese was all melted inside, and you can’t really go wrong with cheese and marinara sauce. Their marinara sauce by the way, was really yummy.

After about 10 minutes into eating our appetizer, our 12” medium pizza came. It was so massive. It was cut in 8 slices, and the waiter was there to help serving it to everyone. As soon as the waiter lift up 1 slice, you can see all the melted cheese stringing away from the pizza. The pizza was about 2 inches deep, it was layered with toppings, and then a massive amount of cheese on top. The Special Stuffed pizza had sausage, mushrooms, onions, and green peppers. It was a pretty good looking pizza.

The pizza was delicious. Each slice got so much toppings and cheese. If you don’t like cheese, this was definitely not for you, because there was so much cheese. I really liked my pizza in the beginning, the sausage, the mushroom, the melted cheese and marinara sauce tasted so yummy together. The pizza crust was really nice and it really balanced out the texture of the pizza. It was about 2/3 of the way through that I began slowing myself down.

My friend was not kidding, 1 slice per person was the perfect portion. We should have gotten a small pizza for the 4 of us.

I was a little bummed to find out that this was a chained restaurant. It just made it seem less special. However, I was thoroughly satisfied with my first deep dish pizza experience, I did finish my slice, and I ate another 1/4 of my second slice. Yes, I am proud of that.

Note: Friendly Staff.

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Giordano’s Pizza
310 W Randolph St
Chicago, IL 60606
(312) 201-1441

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