Gazala Place

Gazala Place was a restaurant that my coworker and her husband found while exploring the Hell’s Kitchen area by our hotel. What drew us here, was the spray painted picture of Guy Fieri signifying that they were on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives.

Beipas’ friend was able to join us for dinner. The restaurant is really small, so I did make a reservation. We didn’t watch the episode of Triple D, so we got one of their specialties – the Bourekas. They had two different kinds that day – and Spinach Stuffed, and Sundried Tomatoes.

A Boureka is a nice puffy phyllo pastry stuffed with cheeses and other middle eastern ingredients. These ones were filled with goat cheese which I love. The pastries were very airy and crisp. The goat cheese was creamy and tangy, and there was plenty of it. I liked the spinach one a bit more, though both were delicious. The toasted sesame added a nice nutty flavour to it too.

For my main I ordered the Halabi, and my friends ordered the Lamb Hummus, Lamb Kebab, and a special eggplant dish of the day. My Halabi looked the most unappealing, but it was actually quite good. It is chopped meat patty shaped like sausages, and topped with pine nuts, and tomatoes. The meat was very flavourful, and the tomato sauce was watery, but it added extra moisture, acidity and tartness. The Lamb Hummus was also delicious. The hummus wasn’t super garlicky like some places make, but it was quite creamy, and we suspect that they used some of the goat cheese to get that flavour. It was awesome.

They don’t sell alcohol, but you can go to a near by wine store, and they’ll serve it to you for free. Go there specially for the Bourekas.

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Gazala Place
709 9th Ave
New York, NY

(212) 245-0709

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