Garden City Hot Pot

Garden City Hot Pot was the most peaceful hotpot experience I’ve ever had, in a restaurant or at home. It was not an all you can eat restaurant, every thing was a la carte and were priced quite high for the quantity you’d get.

Kind of scared that it will turned out to be a super expensive dinner, we held back on ordering everything like we’d always do at an all you can eat hot pot restaurant.

Our first round of ordering had pork slices, vegetable combo, and meatball combo. The pork slices were quite thick and very tender. We were allowed to choose 3 kinds of vegetables for the combo. The enoki mushroom, bok choy and abalone mushrooms were very fresh.

The meatball combo was a surprise because they were fresh meatballs still in raw state. We got beef, chicken, pork and fish meatballs, and each of them were seasoned differently. Definitely better and tastier than frozen ones.

After the first round of food we realized this place is about quality and not quantity, and added an another order of the pork slices and an order of wonton combo. There were 2 kinds of wontons in the combo,dumpling  sui kau and wonton. The dumpings were amazing. They were sort of a cross between a dim sum shrimp dumpling and a siu mai; super fresh and super tasty.

In the end, we did get really full (with the help of 2 bowls of steamed rice) at the same price we’d pay at an all you can eat hot pot. We didn’t get as much variety or amount of food but the freshness of the food made up for it. It was a different hot pot experience for sure.

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Garden City Hot Pot
8788 McKim Way
Richmond, BC
(604) 303-0909

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  • cathy

    My personal favourite was the abalone mushrooms. It was so good. I would order two plates of “3 kinds of vegetables” next time and dedicate one plate to abalone mushrooms.