Galini’s Great Greek find in Surrey

I’ve been wanting some Greek food recently, and I have about 3-4 Greek restaurants on my To Try list. I went to Galini’s Greek Kouzina and Grill because it was fairly close and had some pretty good reviews. And I agree. I had a really great time here. Great food and great service, and pretty good decor for Surrey.

I ordered the Roast Lamb of course and they recommended the Tsantalis red wine to pair. I asked for something not so full bodied, and I got this red wine which I really enjoyed. It was fruity and had a cherry flavour to it.

My Roast Lamb cost $18.50 and also came with a bowl of soup and a salad. I got the cream of chicken for my soup (though I don’t think I had a choice), and it was pretty tasty. Not too salty, but it just had a few pieces of chicken and some carrot. I probably wouldn’t order it if it wasn’t free, but it was a good starter. When we were done, the salad came perfectly on time. The greek salad was pretty standard though. Cucumbers, tomatoes, green peppers, red onions, an olive, feta cheese and a light vinaigrette. It was pretty bland unless you had a piece of feta cheese with each bite. They gave us a choice of Caesar Salad, or Greek Salad.

My Roast lamb was amazing. It may be because I haven’t had it since May, but it was very good. It was so tender and it easily shredded with my fork. The meat just fell of the bone. It had a really nice flavour and a good amount of fat. It tasted even better when dipped with the tzatziki sauce, which tasted nice and garlicky. The lamb came with some greek rice, some steamed vegetables, a roasted potato, pita bread, and some tzatziki sauce. Everything on my dish was awesome, and definitely worth the $18.50. The rice had a nice flavour. It wasn’t plain at all. The vegetables were tender but still had a bit of crunch to it, and the potato was very well cooked.

For dessert I ordered the Caramel Banana Cheesecake Xango which is a cheesecake and banana wrapped in a tortilla like dough and deep fried, served with some vanilla ice cream. This was also amazing. It had a crispy outside with a bit of cinnamon. And on the inside was a warm, soft, rich banana cheese cake mixture. There was also some caramel sauce to decorate the plate. I wished there was more caramel. Our waitress actually forgot the ice cream, but we didn’t even notice. The ice cream was really good too.

My friend enjoyed his Chicken Souvlaki. But my other friend said the Calamari wasn’t up to par. He says the Keg’s is way better, and wished he ordered something else. I actually tried the Calamari and didn’t die =). He loved the molten chocolate lava cake and ice cream though.

As we left, each worker said have a good night. No snobs here. I’ll definitely be back here when I’m craving some lamb.

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Galini Greek Kouzina & Grill
101-19475 Fraser Highway
Surrey, BC V3S 6K7
(604) 530-2881
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As a side note, for some reason the bathroom had some Vaseline hydrating lotion by the sink. Oh, and the menu though pretty traitional in the first few pages, also have some Italian, German, and French dishes near the back.