Fleetwood Arms

On Saturday, me and a couple of friends were looking for a place to watch the UFC Jones vs Evans PPV fight. At first we went to Green Timbers Pub right by my house which normally shows the UFC, but for some reason they weren’t that day. So we quickly drove to the next closest place at Fleetwood Arms. Like most pubs, you seat yourself, and try to get the best view of the TV screens. We ended up sitting in the patio.

I ordered the Perogies and Ukranian Sausage, and a side of Mexi Fries (wow that’s lots of potato). The mexi fries were regular fries topped with spicy beef, cheese, bacon, green onions, baked, and then topped with sour cream and salsa. These were decent, the fries surprisingly stayed crisp under all the topping. The cheese was nicely melted, and there was quite a bit of beef, although not very spicy. The perogies were stuffed with potato and cheese and topped with green onions, caramalized onions, and bits of fried bacon with sour cream. It also came with some slices of garlic sausage and served with a salad. The perogies were slighly fried, but I would’ve liked it a bit crisper and butterier.

My friends ordered wings, hot spinach and artichoke dip, and a steak sandwich. The pound of wings were split into two flavours – honey garlic, and sea salt and lime. The Honey Garlic was really good, but the other flavour wasn’t. I really liked the hot spinach and artichoke dip. They were served with some nice fried flat bread chips that was puffed up, and really crispy and airy. A bit oily, but it was nice. The dip itself was nice and cheesy. They tasted awesome together. The Steak Sandwich was just OK. Served open faced with both onions, and onion rings. The steak was cooked a bit over medium, and it was a bit weird to eat because he said it seemed like he was eating everything separately. Why are there raw onions and onion rings?

On their website you can sign up and get a free meal during your birthday month. They also play every UFC event here, so it’s a good place to go to watch PPV events and other sports.

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Fleetwood Arms
8410 160 St
Surrey, BC

(604) 597-3220


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  • Ceeman

    I miss that pub…it was so much better than what’s there now… :(