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My first brunch in San Francisco was at Farmerbrown. This was one of the few breakfast restaurants we wanted to visit because of good ratings.

This place was clearly a popular place to be. It was not until we sat down that we found out that this was an all you can eat buffet bar. There was also a regular menu for people who doesn’t want the buffet.

While waiting, I noticed a lot of fried chickens on people’s plates. There were also signs on their walls with blurbs like ‘famous fried chicken’. The buffet was nearly $17 per person, quite pricy, but I was sold by all the fried chicken I’ve been seeing.

The buffet had scrambled eggs, roasted potatoes, bacon, biscuits and gravy, pancakes, fresh fruits, banana bread and of course fried chicken.

Fried chicken for breakfast, yes! I’ve never done that before. I went to the buffet line twice, had a total of 2 fried chickens. Other than the wings and drumsticks, the rest of the pieces were humongous. The fried chicken had a really crispy crust. The first piece I got was quite dry. I think it’s because it has been there for a while. The second piece I got was really yummy. It was very very juicy.

Other than the fried chicken, I liked their potatoes, it had some caramelized onions in them. The fresh fruits included melons, watermelon, grapes, and pineapples.

There were also vanilla yogurt with granola for people with a sweet tooth.

There were also waffles ($5) we can order separately. We ordered 1 waffle with the intention of making our own version of chicken and waffles. This turned out to be a surprise. The waffle was really good. It had a hint of cinnamon, and it came with a side of vanilla mascarpone cream.

One of our friend ordered the Pulled Pork Benedict off their regular menu. For $13, there were quite a lot of pork on the bennies. It came with the same potatoes as the buffet offers, along with some salad.

Overall the food were pretty good but the single file buffet line could get long. And by the time you finally get to the fried chicken, there will probably be just a few pieces left to choose.

I really liked the atmosphere. There was a life band playing old school R&B songs. It was very relaxed, a cool spot to hang out for brunch.

P.S. Can someone from San Francisco tell us what Health Fees are? We noticed we were charged a dollar a person on our bill labeled as ‘Health Fee’. Is it a requirement for people who serves fried chicken for breakfast?

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25 Mason St
San Francisco, CA 94102

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  • dee

    Also the waffle could only be purchased if you also got the buffet or with something else. You couldn’t order it on its own.

    That’s a crazy picture of the receipt, kind of looks tilt shifted..weird shadow/fold/bokeh combo