Espana Restaurant

Espana Restaurant took over the old location of Cosca. Their menu consists of mainly tapas dishes to share. Our group of 4 ordered the Crispy Chickpeas ($4), Selection of Charcuteria ($21), Selection of Cheeses ($14), Crispy Pork Belly ($10), Salt Cod & Potato Croquettes ($6), and the scallop special.

I ordered the crispy chickpeas, which I also recently tried at Uva Wine Bar. It was really nice here too, crisp, and flavourful with paprika and mint.  I really want to try making these at home. The charcuterie was delicious as well, with lots of fine meats. They gave us a good mix of salty, tender, spicy, and denser. The cheeses were nice too, and my favourite was probably the San Simon.

I found the pork belly to be delicious, with a skin similar to the filipino roast pork (lechon), but better. It was crisp and fatty, and melted in your mouth. The meaty portion was tender but had a nice bite to it. It was served with a delicious romesco sauce. The white beans was a nice compliment to the dish.

Of course we had to finish of with Churros with a thick hot chocolate ($8). We could hear other customers claiming it was so good. Unfortunately, I didn’t like it as much as I had hoped. I found the dough to be very bready, and not crisp and airy like the churro’s you get at Disneyland. The cinnamon sugar was nice, and the chocolate was delicious, but it seemed too similar to a bread stick.

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Espana Restaurant
1118 Denman St
Vancouver, BC

(604) 558-4040

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