Ensemble Tap

Ensemble Tap is the second restaurant open by Top Chef Canada Season 1 winner Dale MacKay. This more of a bar/pub version, hence the addition of the word Tap to the name. We went here to celebrate a friends birthday, and I had just gotten back from Vegas earlier that day, so I was quite tired with 3 hours of sleep.

We started with the Pulled Pork Nachos. And wow, these were amazing, and probably the best nachos I’ve had. It was very different from your standard nacho platter, as it came topped with roasted corn, pulled pork, red onions, sour cream, a cheese sauce, and guacamole, and served with a delicious salsa roja. The chips were crisp, and the addition of fresh squeezed lime just made the dish pop.

My friends all chose the different sandwiches – the Award Winning Pulled Pork Sandwich, Ensemble Burger, and Crispy Chicken Burger. Everyone really loved their sandwiches and burgers. I think the pulled pork sandwich won though. I need to go back here and try it. I’ve tried the mini slider version at Ensemble, but I need a full one all to myself.

For my order, I went for something a bit different, something that I probably shouldn’t have. I ordered the Fraser Valley Braised Pork Cheeks. It came with 3-4 pieces of crispy braised pork cheek on top of tofu, in a dashi broth with a baked egg. The pork was very tender as it was braised, but the crispiness of the pork, and the tofu was almost non existent because of the broth. The broth was a little bit too salty as well. I was underwhelmed. I think I would definitely come back for a sandwich rather than something so fancy at Ensemble Tap.

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Ensemble Tap
990 Smithe St
Vancouver, BC

(604) 566-9770


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