Elysian Brewing Co.

Elysian Brewing Co. is a brewery/pub in the Capitol Hill area of Seattle. Strangely enough, I had purchased a few of their bottles from a small boutique wine shop in Bellingham just hours before. We came to celebrate a friend’s belated birthday and new job.

We had a meal a few hours before going here at Serious Pie, so we just wanted some snacks to munch on to go along with our beers. We snacked on some Nachos, Corn Cakes, and a couple of pounds of Wings.

The nachos were good. Warm, and lots of melted Tillamook pepper jack, olives, chiles, salsa, and sour cream. It was layered so there was plenty of toppings.

I wasn’t a big fan of the corn cakes, as they had a curry flavour to it, and was swimming in a light sauce. I’m sure it was crisp, but once I started eating it, it was a bit soggy due to the thin sauce. I was hoping for a sweeter corncake, and I definitely wasn’t expecting that. Some friends liked it, while others didn’t.

We ordered the Spicy BBQ at first, and it had pretty good flavour to it. Nice sweet and smokey BBQ flavour, and a little spice. Next we ordered the sweet Thai chili lime flavour which was also pretty good. For kicks, we also ordered the Death Sauce, which was actually quite far from a Death Sauce. I’d say it was a 5/10 in terms of spiciness, because I didn’t even have to reach for a drink. It was a nice heat though, and didn’t seem like it was filled with chemicals. Don’t be afraid.

It was a pretty popular place on that Friday night, and they do have happy hour from Sunday – Thursday between 430-630. The odd thing that we found is that they had a lot of kids and toddlers around the area. Kind of strange for a brewery/pub.

They have lots of different beers on the menu, some of their own, and also some other brands from around the world, and many are not too expensive.

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Elysian Brewing Co.
1221 Pike St
Seattle, WA

(206) 860-1920


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