Eataly is a huge Italian market in Manhattan that is co-owned by Mario Batali. It offers a market, as well as many different restaurants all within the same building. I had to check it out, but I left it until the very last evening to see it. And I couldn’t even really “see” it.I couldn’t see it, because I was in such a rush to leave our hotel to go for dinner at Eataly, and then go to a show. We were on a tight schedule, so I just put in my contacts, and it felt uncomfortable, but I thought my eyes would eventually adjust. Turns out they didn’t, so I was basically only seeing with one eye, as one contact lens was dry. I had trouble reading everything…

Anyways, we only had a short amount of time there. We ended up only deciding to eat some of the salumi and cheeses in the market in the middle. These are all standing tables, which I thought was a bit awkward. Servers come to you and take your order and bring your food from each of the different stations.

We ordered the charcuterie plate, a prosciutto and mozzarella plate, and also a skate sandwich. The meats and cheeses were delicious, and came with 6 different meats, 5 different cheeses, and a few accompaniments. The meats were Prosciutto di Parma, Prosciutto San Daniele, Mortadella, Prosciutto Cotto, Speck and Salami. All of them were delicious and different. Each of the prosciuttos had a little bit of a different texture and flavour. One just melted in your mouth, while another was a bit firmer and saltier. They went well with the cheese and the delicious bread. For the cheese we were given Ricotta, Grana Padano, Paguerino, Tallegio, and Gorgonzola. The ricotta was very light, airy and creamy. My favourites were the Paguerino, and Tallegio.

The buffalo mozzarella was really nice too. Good texture, and was topped with a nice olive oil. It doesn’t have much flavour on it own, but when you add the prosciutto it made it salty. Perfect compliment for each other. Overall, it is a bit expensive, as you can make your own salumi and cheese plates for cheaper, but you also do have to purchase larger quantities. At least here you can have variety.

My friends didn’t like the flavour of the skate at all. It was breaded and fried, and served with some aioli on a bun. They said it tasted like amonia. Very strongly, and they didn’t want more than a few bites. They thought that’s how skate tasted like, but after doing some research, that’s how it tastes like if it has recently gone bad, or how the skate was caught. It’s supposed to taste sweet and clean.

Next time I go back to New York, I will definitely need to spend more time at Eataly and check out everything it has to offer. Coming in, you could smell the bakery as well as coffee and it smelled amazing.

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200 5th Ave
New York, NY

(212) 229-2560

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