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Whenever Wheel comes back for a visit from Seattle, we’d always visit an all you can eat Japanese restaurant to get his sushi fix. This time we tried E Bei Sushi on Oak and 41st. One of our friends suggested E Bei because of it’s $13 all you can eat price, and that there was unlimited sashimi.

The $13 late night all you can eat starts at 9.30pm. We got there around that time and there was already a huge line up outside of the restaurant, luckily the hostest pulled some magic and we only had to wait for about 5 minutes.

Sashimi! It was what I have been waiting all day for, but when I got the order sheet, it clearly stated 1 order of 6 piece salmon or tuna sashimi for an extra $1.50. What? What a disappointment!! I’d like to believe I was misinformed by my friend, but it also could be likely that they just took sashimi off for late night all you can eat, who knows. It was a bummer, because all I really wanted was sashimi.

I got my sashimi ‘fix’ from salmon, tuna and tai sushi. Like most AYCE restaurants, you can expect sushi here with thin slices of fish and a big ball of rice. They were not bad, just too much rice per sushi. When I eat a piece as is with out taking any rice off, I could barely taste the fish.

The spicy salmon and tuna sushi cones and their sushi rolls were not bad either. But again, lots of rice and very little of the ‘expensive stuff’.

Other none sushi things I enjoyed were the spicy agedashi tofu and the chicken wings.  Compared to the regular agedashi tofu here, the spicy version was way better. The deep friend tofu were drenched in a lot of spicy sauce. It smelled really spicy, but it tasted sweet with a hint of spiciness.

The chicken wings came out hot with crispy skin and juicy meat. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to come here and have all you can chicken wings for $13 here.

We only ordered 2 rounds of food, and on the second round some of the items just conveniently came less than we what ordered. All you can eat sushi without any sashimi is just not satisfying. I don’t get the big deal about this place, even at $13.

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  • ibun

    Went there one time with my boss for lunch. Girl at the front desk was painting her nails and our table was right beside it. I was gonna puke as I was eating my lunch.