Donair Hut

A couple of my friends have been raving about Donair Hut in Langley recently. I was a bit skeptical because they sell donairs and bubble teas. My friends also talked about all the weird varieties of donairs such as the Albertan, and Halifax.


We visited near closing time, so it wasn’t that busy, and were kindly greeted by the owner. The owners are Chinese hence the Bubble Tea, so you aren’t getting your traditional donairs here. I can tell you this though, it is awesome, and definitely the best option that I have had south of the Fraser. Even better than our old favourite Donair Affair┬áin Guildford.


I choose the most traditional donair, the Arabic which has Lettuce, Tomato, Cucumber, Onion, Tabouli, Hummus, Tzatziki. I chose chicken, but you can also choose lamb, or falafel (and, maybe beef?), as well as some other extras. I really liked mine, the flavours went really well together, and what I like most is that he stuffs the pita, and then grills it a bit which helps it keeps it form and get less soggy as fast. It also gives it a good texture and warms it up a bit more. He also mixes the ingredients pretty well, so the flavour is pretty even through out. The sauces were delicious, and the meat was tender.


Although I didn’t get to try it, my friends rave about the Halifax sauce, and try to add it to their donairs. They go so often that the owner already remembers them, as well as their orders. He has a really good memory and a really nice guy.

I had a hot coconut bubble tea with pearls, which was pretty good. Very coconutty and milky, and not too hot. Just the right warmth for me to start drinking it fairly quickly.


I’ll definitely be back since my close friends love the place, and I want to try more of the flavours. One of them is planning to try every flavour with every type of meat. I just want to try the falafel next to see if it’s just as good as what we had in Europe. I wish they also had shawarma plates!

Donair Hut
20420 Fraser Hwy
Langley, BC

(604) 514-8999

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