Din Tai Fung, Sydney, Australia

Din Tai Fung is worldwide, and although they have a location at Bellevue, I personally haven’t tried it. There are two locations in Sydney, one in a food court (strange!) in the Westfield Mall downtown, and another in a mall in Chinatown. We went to the actual restaurant, which had about a 10 minute wait at lunch time.

Din Tai Fung supposedly have the world’s best dumplings, so we ordered 6 of their XLBs. I also saw that they had Truffle Xiao Long Baos, so I had to try it. They were $4.80 each though, so I only ordered one for myself, and another for a friend who also wanted to try. I definitely don’t think they have the worlds best dumplings as they are better in Vancouver. The skin was very thin, but with a gentle touch and they don’t break easily. I found the filling to be tasty, but the meat was a bit coarser ground. I like a softer more tender filling. The Truffle XLB was definitely better. Richer, and a lot more flavour, and I definitely felt some contrast with the truffle shavings.

We over ordered, and also chose the Dan Dan Noodles, Spicy Dumplings with Noodles, Chili Chicken, Chicken Fried Rice, and Green Beans with Pork. The dan dan noodles came with a peanut butter sauce so I wasn’t albe to try it, but I heard it was very spicy. Spicier than the spicy dumplings with noodles that looked very hot in a red sauce. The tender vegetable dumplings were served with noodles. I could really taste the anise here, and the chills kind of numbed my tongue. It wasn’t too spicy, but left a funny sensation on my tongue. Maybe I was allergic to something in it. The dumplings were very light, and the skin they use is really good.

Both of the chicken dishes were very good. The chill chicken was crisp, and the chill peppers added a good amount of spice. The fried rice was served with breaded fried chicken on the side. Very yummy, and I’m glad the breading was totally different. A lot lighter breading. Very well prepared. The green beans was delicious too. Vibrant green, and had a nice crisp to them.

We also ordered the mango pudding for dessert with fresh mangoes. The mangos are different than what I’m used to, but still sweet, but a bit firmer too.

I liked most of the dishes a lot, and would like to try their other locations.

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Din Tai Fung
644 George St
Sydney, NSW

02 9264 6010


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