Denji Sushi

After another run at Tynehead we wanted sushi again. This time we visited Denji Sushi in Cloverdale which was right by my friends place. It’s one of the better places that are close by, so they visit it very frequently. They said it wasn’t that special though.

I kind of ordered too much, for myself, but I wanted to try lots. The black rice sushi really caught my eye. I’ve seen brown rice sushi before, but not black. I’ve actually never heard of black rice, but it supposedly has many healthy properties.

I ordered a black rice sushi California roll with crispy tempura bits on top (don’t remember what it’s called), a piece of tamago, agedashi tofu, and a chicken teriyaki don. The Cali roll was tasty, pretty standard but the black rice made it kind of sweeter, and a bit nuttier. The tempura topping added an airy crisp to it too, with a bit of the unagi sauce. I think I prefer this over deep fried rolls because then it doesn’t get warm, and a bit stickier.

The agedashi tofu was crisp, but pretty bland even with the sauce. The teriyaki don was good though. They gave me a lot of meat, and not as much rice. They used thighs here, and they gave the skin an awesome crisp, and the meat was tender and flavourful with a sweet teriyaki sauce. I really the teriyaki chicken here.

My friends also ordered the black rice sushi but with just a plain Cali roll, a mango roll. The ebisunomono was pretty yummy too with nice fresh noodles. The one complete fail here was the wakamae salad though. They came very late and they came with some ice chunks in it. Our guess is that they didn’t have much prepared so they tried to make it and cool it as fast as they could with ice.

Overall it’s a pretty good place, and the black rice sushi was really good and different. Not sure if I would pay the $2 premium for every dish though. You can even do it for their rice bowls too. The service was very friendly.

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Denji Sushi
120 – 6820 188th St
Surrey, BC

(604) 574-3031

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