Deluxe in White Rock

I bought a Groupon for Deluxe because I saw that they had paella, which Beipas is always in the mood for. However, we waited again until the deal was almost expired before using it. Deluxe is on the other side of White Rock strip that I usually don’t travel to. Beipas pointed out that Deluxe would make an awesome office because the upstairs is laid out like one, and it has a great view of the water and sunset. The bathroom up there is also massive!

It turns out they had another Groupon deal that day where you could get two 4-course meals for $50, basically 2 for the price of 1 because they cost $50. We got that anyway and just use my $50 Groupon (which I paid $25 for).

I ordered the Roquette Salad ($10), Asparagus Spears ($12), Grilled Beef Tenderloin ($32), and it came with a Dessert Trio which consists of a chocolate torte, mango sorbet, and dark chocolate mousse ($??). Roquette salad has strawberries, goat cheese, arugula, candied walnuts in a pear vinaigrette. I liked it, with the peppery arugula and the fresh tartness of the strawberries. I really like goat cheese and the crunch of the walnuts. I wished the walnuts had a bit more flavour though. It didn’t seem very sweet from being candied. The asparagus spears were pretty good. They were crisp and vibrant covered with some parmesan shavings and a balsamic reduction. Really good all together, but not sure if I’d normally have this on its own, or pay $12 for it. It would be better if it was a side dish for the main. For my main I chose the Beef Tenderloin because I was interested in the filo wrapped garlic mashed potatoes. The filo wrapping was pretty crispy, flakey, and buttery, but could have been more crisp, as it kind of started to get soggy as I finished up. I prefer Joey’s crispy mash because it’s crisper, and comes with bacon, cheese, green, onions, and sour cream! As for the star of the dish, the tenderloin was tender and cooked medium rare with a port demi glace and some shitake mushrooms adding a rich sauce.

Beipas ordered the Tomato & Bocconcini ($10), Ahi Tuna Ceviche ($16), Lobster Ravioli ($35), and ┬áthe Dessert Trio. I only got to try the Tomato & Bocconcini, which had a twist – avocado, onions and pesto. I typically like tomato & bocconcini cheese as is with a bit of basil, and olive oil and balsamic vinegar, so adding two more ingredients that I love appealed to both of us. It was really tasty, but I wished the avocado was riper and butterier (wow that’s a word?). The pesto added another layer of flavour to it. I think we’ll be making this next spring/summer when avocado’s are back in season. From what I recall the Ahi Tuna Ceviche was good too, and served on a fried wonton wrapper. The lobster ravioli wasn’t very good though. It looked like one large piece in the centre of the plate, and Beipas couldn’t taste or recognize much lobster inside.

Our service was excellent, the food was pretty good, and it has a nice view. It’s quite pricey, but there are a few other dishes that I would like to try on their menu.

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15475 Marine Dr
White Rock, BC

(604) 542-5042

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