Dasarang Chicken, Surrey

I was happy to see a Dasarang Chicken in Guilford beside another Korean restaurant. I had the chance to visit the location in Burnaby on North Road this past summer, and we really enjoyed it. It seemed like a good alternative to our Mega Mug – Raage nights at Guu.

My friends and I ordered a bunch of deep-fried items, possibly too much. We started with an assorted platter which came with different types of fries, some noodle wrapped shrimp, taquitos, and egg rolls. This was just a mixed bag of frozen appetizers that you can just fry up. Really not sure why we ordered this. Not Korean at all, and kind of out of place besides the deep fried aspect of it.

We also ordered the Love Wings, which come in a set of 8 whole deep fried wings. The wings were nice and crisp, but the only flavouring was in the breading/batter. For some reason, there was this flavour that I really didn’t like, but I coudln’t figure out what it was. It wasn’t really pleasant for me though.

We ordered the¬†Family platter as well, which came with 4 different flavours of boneless chicken. And again, there was that same flavour that kept bugging me. The saucy ones did a pretty good job of covering it up though. The family platter came with regular (no sauce), sweet, tangy, and spicy flavours. My favourites were definitley the sweet, and the tangy. The regular coudln’t cover up that flavour that I dislike, and the spicy was quite spicy because of the chili peppers mixed in with the sauce. The sweet was really good, but the sauce actually hardened up a bit when it cooled and added some extra crunch. The tangy was probably my favourite, because it was a bit sweet, and had a nice heat. All of the chicken kept pretty crisp and were moist inside. Boneless chicken usually isn’t this tender, so they did a really good job with cooking it.

With all of the fried food, we were looking for some sort of vegetables or grains to help cut all of the oil, but we couldn’t find anything we liked. Everything else was pretty much saucy dishes or fried dishes. We were served with side dishes, and those were good, especially the pickled daikon.

Sadly, it wasn’t as good as I remembered, and the prices are quite high.

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Dasarang Chicken
130-15280 101 Ave
Surrey, BC

(604) 496-5007

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