Dasarang Chicken

The Burquitlam area is somewhere that I really need to explore more of. There is a ton of Asian, and mostly Korean places to eat at here. I studied at SFU so I was quite familiar with all that it had to offer, but as a student, I had no money to actually go out and try it. I’m glad I have friends near by the area now that will gladly eat and explore with me.

Dasarang Chicken was recommended to us by a Korean friend. They specialize in Korean fried chicken, which usually comes with spicy sauces. We had about 7 people in our group, so we ordered 3 different plates of chicken in fact, as well as some seafood rice cake dish. First we ordered the regular fried chicken with bones, and no sauce. It was just fried and seasoned. It was good with tender and juicy chicken, and a very crisp skin. It was just pretty good plain fried chicken. We also ordered the Soonsal Yangnyeom Chicken which was boneless chicken with a very bright red sauce. Surprisingly not spicy, and surprisingly still moist and juicy chicken too. Typically boneless chicken breast is kind of dry, but that wasn’t the case here. This sauce was zesty and sweet. Hwasal Chicken is another boneless chicken but with a chili sauce that is spicy and tangy. This was also not too spicy,but it was really nice. Both had really thick sauces, and it did add nice flavour and moisture to the chicken. On top of that, we also got a spicy rice cake dish with seafood.

We were definitely stuffed at the end of the meal. It seemed quite pricey when looking at the menu, but it is a lot of food. I enjoyed it, and it would be a good alternative to our regular Mega-Mug-Raage combo (1L Sapporo Mega Mug with Chicken Karaage). I wonder how late they are open until? However, my friends that have had Bonchon in NYC say that this can’t even compare. I can’t wait to try it next month!

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Photos by @ericvchan

Dasarang Chicken
4501 North Rd
Burnaby, BC

(604) 568-7711

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