D’Anna’s Cafe Italiano

Another weekend, another dinner in Bellingham. I was craving pasta, so we decided on trying D’Anna Cafe Italiano. When we got there, it was quite busy, and we had to wait for about an hour to be seated. It smelled awesome in there though, so we had to stay and wait it out. I ordered the Chicken D’Anna, while my friends ordered Linguini with Fresh Clams, and Spaghetti with Meatballs. After our order, we each received a small plate with salad, and their cheesy bread. The salad was fresh and nicely dressed. The cheesy bread was light and airy, but although there was a lot of cheese, it wasn’t very flavourful.

I ordered the Chicken D’Anna with a cream sauce since that was what I was craving, but you can also order it with an extra virgin olive oil sauce. It comes with chicken breast, sun-dried tomatoes, mushrooms, shallots, artichoke hearts, pine nuts and basil with garlic and white wine with fettuccine. There was plenty of garlic in the cream sauce and I really liked it. With my first bite, I thought the noodles were a bit undercooked, but all my next few bites the pasta softened up a little bit more. The chicken wasn’t very plentiful and a little tough, and there was quite a lot of artichoke hearts. I really liked the addition of the pine nuts with their flavour and texture. They all sank to the bottom of the dish though, and I only noticed it when I was almost done my dish. The meatballs were very light and had good seasoning. Their tomato sauce was nice and fresh too.

The Linguini with Fresh Clam was nice too, and there were plenty of small local clams. It was tossed with garlic, parsley and fresh lemons for you to squeeze. Beipas thought it was a bit too oily though, and the linguini was a bit overcooked. She prefers fatter noodles.

D’Anna’s Cafe Italiano is a really popular Italian restaurant in downtown Bellingham. There are so many restaurants in that area, and I’m glad to have found it. There are lots of good choices in that area. Free parking and Friday evenings too.

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D’Anna’s Cafe Italiano
1317 N State St
Bellingham, WA

(360) 714-0188


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