Dahlia Lounge

We’ve been to quite a few of the Tom Douglas restaurants in Seattle over the past couple years, and have loved each one of them. This time we needed a place to eat for brunch, and Dahlia Lounge was surprisingly available.

My last memory of a Tom Douglas restaurant was having a breakfast sandwich with bacon from Dahlia Bakery next door. It was honsetly the best bacon I’ve ever had. So on this visit, I knew I had to get a side order of bacon.

We started with their famous donuts. Little fried puffs of goodness served with the most delicious sauces – housemade strawberry jam, and the best mascarpone ever. Their cinnamon sugar is awesome too. There’s so much extra sugar, that my friend put some in his coffee. He said it tasted awesome. Make sure you order these donuts.

I ordered the Potato-Leek Turnover off the lunch menu, while four of my friends ordered the Green Eggs Benedict, and another ordered the Daily Scramble with Sausage.

My Turnover was delicious. It was crisp and flakey and filled with airy potatoes and leek. I really enjoyed the warm mushroom salad that it came with. Lots of different textures and flavours here, and all went really well together.

The Eggs Benedict was good, but was better before. The English Muffins were consistently over toasted and slightly burned for all of my friends. The egg was perfectly cooked though, and the scallion hollandaise is amazing. My friend said the daily scramble was really good too, and came with huge sausages. These aren’t your standard breakfast sausages.

The bacon was just as good, a bit thicker cut, and crisp. But what bugged me was the different order sizes. The first plate that came was huge, and came with tons of bacon. We originally thought that the plate was both of our orders beacuse there was so much, but it turns out it was just one order. Our server said mine is coming, and when it came out, it was literally half the size. We still only got charged for 2 orders, but which one is an actual single order? Why didn’t I get a huge plate also? In the end though, our waiter secretly comped our coffees as well, so I guess he liked my friends. But at least be consistent.

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Dahlia Lounge
2001 4th Ave
Seattle, WA

(206) 682-4142


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