Cumulus Inc., Melbourne, Australia

This was the brunch place that I really wanted to try in Melbourne. They are fairly popular throughout the day and it also turns into a wine bar at night. Luckily, they were literally steps away from our Apartment too. That location is awesome.

I ordered the Grilled Lyonniase Sausage with Poached Eggs. It was very neatly presented, and very tasty. The sausage was garlicky and the poached eggs were a bit runny. With the fresh parsley and chèvre, it all went wonderfully together. It was served on a piece of toast that was smothered in a very flavourful pesto. I was really happy with my dish.

I saw baked eggs on the menu again, and I made my friend order it. Saldy they weren’t nearly as good here as they were at Hardware Societe though. The Shakshouka, as they call it, was quite sour and tangy because there was a huge amount of tomato sauce, red peppers, and a sheeps milk cheese called shanklish, but not much as else (besides egg). I thought it could use some sort of meat, or another veg that can stand up to the strong tomato sauce, and not add to the sourness.

I wish I was able to check out their wine bar, as well as their dinner plates. For brunch though, I’d definitely reather go to Hardware Societe or Proud Mary.

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Cumulus Inc.
45 Flinders Ln
Melbourne, VIC

03 9650 1445

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  • fil

    I love Cumulus Inc, but for its lunches and dinners rather than Brunches.

  • dee

    Hi Fil,

    Good to know. I was really tempted to try it out again, but I only had 3 days in Melbourne, so I just tried to visit as many places as I could. I know I’ll be back. Hopefully I’ll visit Cumulus for dinner. I also missed out on Naked for Satan.