Crepe Montagne

Crepe Montagne was high on our list of places to eat but they are only open during breakfast and brunch. We stopped before we left Whistler to get back to reality. The place wasn’t busy at all, although it was a Monday morning.

They have crepe in the name, so they have to be good right. We all got savoury crepes all of which come with a varying number of eggs, a ton of cheese, green onions, and your choice of ham, canadian bacon and tomatoes. All crepes are made with white and buckwheat flour.

I went for the Slalom – 1 egg, Canadian bacon, 3 cheeses, fresh tomato, and green onions. My first bite was heaven. The cheese blend they use is amazing with the egg. It might be too cheesy for some, but I loved every bite of this. The egg was slightly cooked in between the crepes, and it was topped with the Canadian bacon a the cheese, and some green onions and tomatoes (with melted cheese on top of them too). The green onion helped give it an extra kick and the tomato helped cut through the cheese and added freshness. The bacon added the meaty texture and a bit of salt. Everything together in a bite was so delicious. My friends agreed too, they loved their crepes as well. They both ordered the Rockies which was similar to mine but with an extra egg, and no tomatoes. They wished they had tomatoes in theres, but they made do with some ketchup.

One friend ordered the banana and strawberry waffles which came with a ton of whip cream. The waffles are a bit denser than we like and not as sweet as we would like. We thought it should be more airy and have some extra flavour in the waffle. That said it was still pretty good, but not nearly as good as the crepe.

We definitely will come back for breakfast to try out the sweet and dessert crepes. They have cheese fondue too! They are only open until 2:30PM though.

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Crepe Montagne
116 4368 Main Street
Whistler, BC

(604) 905-4444 

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