COWS Whistler

COWS is a staple in Whistler, and is world famous for their Ice Cream and merchandise. I usually go here at least once when I stay for the weekend in Whistler. On this trip we went here for dessert after our dinner at Pasta Lupino. I ordered a Pecan and Toffee Ice Cream in a waffle cup.

This flavour was delicious with huge chunks (some whole) of pecans and caramel. Caramel’s my favourite, and pecans are one of my favourites so obviously I’d love this ice cream. It was creamy and the ice cream was smooth and sweet. The waffle was nice and crunchy and didn’t get soggy. My friends ordered Cowrispy Crunch and Moo Henry which they all enjoyed on a waffle cone. I obviously couldn’t try it because both were crammed with peanuts. We all had to get ice cream even though we were freezing in the evening.

COWS has lots of cool tshirts around, many of which are for nerdy gamers and movie fans. This place is really popular often with lines out the door.

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102-4295 Blackcomb Way
Whistler, BC
(604) 938-9822 

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