Comfort at My Table, Brisbane, Australia

After picking up one of our friends from the airport, we went straight to Comfort at My Table. A popular place for people to grab coffee near by and for families to grab brunch.

I ordered the Brioche French Toast and  a Mocha. My friends ordered a Fruit Plate, Banoffee Waffles, and Eggs Benedict with Smoked Salmon. I liked my french toast. It was topped with bananas, ricotta cheese, a tangy fruit compote, and a poached pear. The ricotta cheese was pretty creamy, and just went well with the berries, banana, and toast. It’s also supposed to come with walnuts, but I didn’t notice any whole chunks anywhere. That extra crunch would have definitely made it better.

The Eggs Benedict is a favourite of many of my friends. This one comes with spinach, blistered tomatoes, hollandaise on toasted sour dough. My friend replaced the ham with smoked salmon, but you can also choose bacon or thyme mushrooms. The eggs were perfectly poached, and the hollandaise was nice and rich. My favourite was the Banoffee Waffles which were waffles topped with bananas, nutmeg chantilly, ganache, caramel and an oat crumb. So you can see theres lots of varying textures, and flavours. I love caramel, and the oat crumb. The chocolate ganache was dark and rich, and the waffles were crispy but still airy. Really delicious, but it is quite sweet. My friend ordered the Fruit Plate because she’s been craving a big serving of fresh fruit. This didn’t disappoint, and came with some other nice fresh toppings like Greek yogurt, honey, and some nice crunchy muesli.

You can also order coffees and hot chocolates in bowls. Just remember the chocolate needs to be mixed into the big bowl first. These things are huge.

The restaurant gets very loud from everyone talking, even when it’s not completely packed. Not sure how, but the walls just keep bouncing sound everywhere.

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Comfort at My Table
Shop 5, 19-23 Cribb St
Brisbane, QLD

07 3162 8574

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