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Today I was there for Cockney Kings Fish & Chips grand opening in New Westminster, BC. Actually they’ve been around for a while now, and they only moved to another unit in the same complex.

I was there for dinner at around 7pm, and this place was packed with line ups. The atmosphere was really casual, it had a retro furnishing. The kitchen was busy busy busy. They have an open kitchen, you can see all the deep frying action near the entrance of the restaurant.

I ordered 1 piece Halibut and Chips ($9.95) with one piece of Deep Fried Oyster ($1.50 a piece). Presentation wise, the plate gets 5/5. The plate came with a mount of fries, a piece of golden halibut, and a generous amount of coleslaw. Any grumpy hungry person who sees this plate, would get instant happiness.

The halibut came in a nice portion. It was fried perfectly. The batter was light and it had a really nice crunch when I bit into it. The fish was perfectly cooked, it was just one really nice deep fried fish.

The fries on the other hand weren’t anything special, they needed some salt. The coleslaw was really good, very mayo-y, so good with the halibut. I ate all of my friend’s coleslaws.

The Deep Fried Oyster was really good too. It’s good that you can order them individually as well as a plate of them, because if you just wanted to sample one, like I did today, you could order just order 1. My friends also ordered Onion Rings. I liked them a lot, they were in nice big slices, crunchy batter, soft onion. Yum!

Condiment wise, there were 2 types of vinegars on each table, clear and malt. There was ketchup, and a bottle of home made tarter sauce. The tarter sauce was again, very mayo-y, and very good.

I would come back here for sure. Next time I’m going to try other seafood.

Note: Monday – Wednesday All You Can Fish & Chips for $9.50, pop included, can ask for more fries or just the fish. Free Parking in complex.

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Cockney Kings Fish & Chips
1035 Columbia St., #102
New Westminster, BC V3M6H5
Tel: (604) 522-6099

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