Cloud 9 Specialty Bakery

Cloud 9 Specialty Bakery is a bakery shop in New Westminster, making all kinds of gluten-free products. We sampled quite a few things such as: Raspberry Cupcake, Vanilla cupcake, Peanut butter brownie bar, cinnamon buns and a cappucino bar. 

One thing that was consistent about these gluten-free products was that they were all very dense. The cupcakes were dense, unlike the usual fluffy cake I see everywhere. And I guess to match the texture of the cake, the icing was thicker than usual too. I was most impressed with the raspberry cupcake because the icing was very delicious.

The cinnamon buns had the same texture as the cupcakes. It was so dense that a plastic fork would be be good enough to cut thru this. Still, the cake/bun itself wasn’t dry, there’s tons of cinnamon and just enough icing to compliment it.

The peanut butter brownie bar was layered with dark chocolate, thick peanut butter, and chocolate cake. This bar was pretty serious, and not something I can finish in 1 sitting. The peanut butter was very thick and was best to eat it with a cup of coffee for tea. It was a super yummy and satisfying dessert (that lasts for 2 sittings!).

It was my first time trying all these gluten-free products and they were all pretty great. I’d come back for the raspberry icing and peanut butter brownies.

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Cloud 9 Specialty Bakery
1025 Royal Ave
New Westminster, BC V3M1K3

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  • Janet

    My cousin works there! They started out making marshmallows out of someone’s house, I think and now they have the shop in New West with all that other stuff you tried.