Chowder’s, SF

On the day we visited Alcatraz I had an extreme craving for chowder, chowder in a bread bowl to be specific. So when we finally got back to the wharf after our 5 hour tour from the islands, I went to find my chowder in a bread bowl at Chowder’s.

Chowder’s at pier 39 is located right across from the very famous Boudin Sourdough Bakery & Cafe. We decided to go Chowder’s instead of Boudin because one of our friend has already been to Boudin in the past year, and said the chowder there was just mediocre. She was up for trying a new place.

3 of us ordered 3 regular clam chowders in sour dough bowl, I don’t think getting it in a cup was an option.

Clam chowder at last! When I opened the lid, I instantly noticed the colour of the chowder. It was white, but it didn’t look particularly creamy. After a couple spoons of it, I could tell they cheaped out on using the cream.

It was very thick chowder, but kind of bland. It felt like they used a lot of flour to thicken the soup up. There were decent amount of clams and other vegetables in them, but I liked to see more ingredients in the soup.

One of us ordered a red chowder in a sour dough bowl. It was a tomato based clam chowder. It was very tomatoey. I don’t think they used any cream in this soup either.

On the side we ordered shrimp cocktail. I was kind of disappointed with it because I was expecting at least 5 or 6 medium sized shrimp. But instead, they were just a scoop of tiny baby shrimps.

I was starving when I came to this restaurant, but this place still failed to satisfy my chowder craving. Not everything taste better when you’re hungry I guess.

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39 Pier
San Francisco, CA 94133

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