Chongqing Restaurant

My first time visiting Chongqing Restaurant sort of reminded me of Richmond’s No.9. They have all sorts of chinese food at a fair price.

On the table and in our bellies were Spicy Wontons, House Crispy Chow Mien, Spicy chicken with spinach, and Deep fried bread with condensed milk.

We started with the spicy wontons. They were a bit over boiled from the looks of the broken wonton wraps and the pork filling was somewhat dry. I’d say there were around 8 decently sized wontons, sitting on a mildly spicy sauce. The portion could be enough to be a meal itself, just unfortunately, they weren’t very good.

The House Crispy Chow Mien’s topping included char siu pork, shrimp, mushrooms and bok choy. The noodles were very crispy, it served on a hot plate, so it prevented the noodles at the bottom from going soggy.

I liked the spicy chicken a lot. It had great flavor, with nice spiciness to it. It was a very saucy dish, and would go really well with a bowl of steamed rice.

The deep fried bread was sort of our dessert because it comes with a condensed milk dipping sauce. It was delicious, I mean, you can’t really go wrong with deep fried bread and condensed milk, right?

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Chongqing Restaurant
4909 Kingsway, Burnaby, BC
Burnaby, BC V5H2E5
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