Chinatown Noodle King, Sydney, Australia

Randomly searching for some food in Chinatown, Chinatown Noodle King was our first stop. Our friend wasn’t feeling well, so we were just on the lookout for congee. Unfortunately we didn’t find any here, but we had already sat down. The hand pulled noodles caught my eye.

We ordered Hand Pulled Noodles with Lamb, beef Stew with Rice Noodles, Green Onion Pancakes and Egg & Tomato Soup. The portions were pretty large here, but the food was just OK. We ordered egg and tomato soup because it something light, and hopefully wouldn’t upset my friend’s stomach. It was pretty bland though, as it seemed it was just water, then very lightly flavoured. Don’t know why anyone who would enjoy this.

The green onion pancakes were also a bit bland, and could have used some extra salt in the dough. It was crisp, but a tiny bit chewy. The Pulled Noodles were my favourite. They were a bit bouncy, and slippery, and the meat was tender, but overall the dish was kind of salty. The Beef stew was more of a beef soup, with spaghetti rice noodles. The meat was pretty soft and tender, and the broth was nice.

It’s a pretty large restaurant, and you can watch the cooks hand pulling the noodles at the front. For some reason dishes with meat with them had a premium, pushing $18-20+, while the vegetable, and noodle dishes were about $10-12.

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Chinatown Noodle King
357 Sussex St
Sydney, NSW

02 9266 0933

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  • beipas

    $20 for a bowl of noodles? crazy australians.

  • dee

    nooo $20 for all the meat dishes.. i think the noodle was like $12-15