China House Restaurant in Auburn

We got to the China House restaurant in Auburn right when it opened at 12PM. It wasn’t very busy as there were just two other tables that came in to eat while we were there. Looking at the menu they had some lunch time deals with many dishes costing just $6-7. That’s pretty cheap for a whole plate of food.

We ordered chicken fried rice, General Tso’s chicken, and a scrambled egg dish. My friend has been here before and said the General Tso’s chicken was good, and she always custom orders the egg dish.

The chicken fried rice came first. It was pretty good, not oily, and the rice wasn’t soft and smushed. It came with a LOT of chicken chucks, and came with your standard ingredients – peas, carrots, and scrambled egg.

Next came with scrambled egg dish which came with cha siu (BBQ pork), bean sprouts, snow peas, and carrot. The egg was soft but cooked. There was a little bit of liquid at the bottom which made it a bit more soggy, but the dish was pretty good and simple.

The General Tso’s chicken came a minute or so after. They asked us how spicy we would like it, and we said we’d like some spice. When we took our first bite, the spiciness wasn’t really there. It wasn’t until a few moments later when we were done eating our piece of chicken that the slight spice hit us. It wasn’t too spicy, but it was noticeable. My favorite thing about the chicken was that it had crispy outside, and still tender inside. It also had a really nice thick sauce coating it. Very tasty.

In the end we only ended up eating only half of each plate and we were stuffed. We packed the rest to go. The owners were really nice and kept refilling our tea and water.

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China House
620 Auburn Way S, Suite D
Auburn, WA

(253) 351-0636

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  • Anna

    The rice was fresh and the chicken chunks in it was super soft and tender!!!